Two large, leashed dogs broke away from an unidentified woman walking them early Sunday morning near the Coronado Park Senior Village and attacked a small mixed breed dog being walked by its 74-year-old owner for its morning bathroom routine.

The small dog named Kiku – a 15-pound Pomeranian, Tibetan spaniel and pug mix – was transported to Pet Emergency in Anchorage where her owner, Claire Young, a resident of the senior building, made the difficult decision to have her companion of four years euthanized due to the severity of the injuries sustained in the attack.

The majority of students in Chugiak-Eagle River schools outperformed their peers in the rest of the Anchorage School District when tested last spring in the state’s first round of measuring newly adopted academic standards.

According to data released Monday afternoon, Nov. 9, by the state Department of Education and Early Development, the first results from the Alaska Measures of Progress, or AMP, indicate that 39 percent and 36 percent of ASD students meet the state’s new academic guidelines for English Language Arts and Mathematics, respectively.

Mid-October vandalism resulting in approximately $5,000 in damage due to the destruction of picnic tables and graffiti painted on a concrete surface at Schroder Park has prompted parks officials to forgo improvements to the park’s playground area.

Replacing the gravel currently covering the playground’s ground surface with turf padding was under consideration earlier this year.

Not anymore, said Karen Richards, who is the manager of the Eagle River/Chugiak Parks and Recreation.

Dog owners using fenced ball fields at Loretta French Park in Chugiak, be forewarned.

The folks at the Eagle River/Chugiak Parks and Recreation are stinking tired of the biological evidence being left behind after your pooch’s off-leash romp within the boundaries of the fenced areas.

“I am giving the dog owners that let their dogs off leash to run inside the fenced ball fields this winter to get their act together about picking up the dog poop before I decide to lock up those fields and deny access,” Karen Richards said.

Editor's note: This is an update to the story printed in the Nov. 12 edition of the Star.

Aaron Nathaniel Trejo, age 26, remains in custody at the Anchorage Jail charged with Murder 1 (intent to cause death) and Murder 2 (intend serious injury) in conjunction with the death of Spencer Christian Ballenger, age 26, in the Eagle River Carrs grocery store parking lot on Oct. 30.

Judge Alex M. Swiderski, Third Judicial District Anchorage, changed Trejo’s initial no bail ruling to a $250,000 (10 percent cash) with a third party custodian requirement.

Worsening driving conditions shortly after 8 a.m. prompted Anchorage School District officials to cancel school for today, Monday, Nov. 9.

The Anchorage Police Department has closed the Eagle River Road from Firehouse Lane to Laoana due to icy conditions as of 9 a.m.

The Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center opted to close its operations for today as of 9:15 a.m.

At 5:30 a.m., ASD officials moved start times back two hours in order to accommodate what was expected to be an already-slowed commute due to snowfall in the early morning hours.

Charging documents filed in the third judicial district court of Anchorage regarding the Oct. 30 fatal shooting in the Eagle River Carrs grocery store parking lot indicate the gunshot wound to the chest that a killed a 26-year-old Anchorage man was the final act of dispute regarding an alleged missing handgun.

The shooting victim – Spencer Christian Ballenger –was armed at the time of his death, according to court documents. A Hipoint .380 semiautomatic pistol was recovered from his body by police.

Updated at 12:43 p.m.

Murder suspect Aaron Nathaniel Trejo is set to be arraigned today, Thursday, Nov. 5, at 2:30 p.m. at the Anchorage Jail.

Charging documents for Trejo indicate two counts of murder: One in the first degree; one in the second degree. Charges against Trejo are connected to the Oct. 30 shooting in an Eagle River grocery store parking lot in which Christian Spencer Ballinger, age 26, was killed.

Jack McKenna, assistant district attorney handling the case, said he doubts Trejo will make bail today.

Her doctors cannot explain why Maddy Brandl had ovarian cancer at the tender age of nine.

It’s beyond rare. According to pathology information from the Mayo Clinic based in Rochester, Minn., only five percent of all ovarian cancers occur in children less than 13 years of age. The youngest case in the United States was a four-month infant.

Fortunately, for Maddy, she hasn’t had to travel Outside for treatment.

It isn’t in her job description as a PE teacher, but Caela Nielsen of Ravenwood Elementary School regularly scoops doggie poop off the school’s playground and sports field areas anyway.

Pardon the obvious pun, but the situation is getting downright crappy.

In fact, it stinks.


Last Thursday, Oct. 29, Nielsen once again gave students markers — the disc-shaped bottom half of cones — to put on the ground when their hunt for poop netted a pile.