Stephanie Prokop

The Carol Creek area of Eagle River may eventually see a cluster of new housing units, more than 500 in fact, if a proposal by the Heritage Land Bank is approved. But residents are opposed. Why? Too much traffic, too much density and too much of a change to the community’s rural character.

The Chugiak Community Council called a special meeting on Thursday, Dec. 1, to address the issue and ended up voting unanimously to oppose the plan.

A Superior Court Judge has agreed to expedite the trial on the request of plantiffs and the state.

Anchorage Democrat Sen. Bill Wielechowski, along with former Republican Sens. Rick Halford and Clem Tillion, are suing the State of Alaska and the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation to comply with legal obligations, mainly, to pay what is owed to the Dividend Fund and subsequently, to Alaskans.

The civil lawsuit was filed before the Superior Court in Anchorage closed at noon, Friday, Sept. 16.

Crime is up in Alaska, according to the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report which cites statistics from 2015. While the previous year had 41 murders and non-negligent manslaughter, last year saw 59 reported cases, an increase of almost 44 percent.

While a lawsuit contesting the amount of this year’s dividend continues in the courts, Permanent Fund distributions will be sent out to eligible residents on Oct. 6. What was going to be perhaps a $2,100 check is now $1,022, after Gov. Bill Walker partially vetoed this year’s appropriations bill and authorized $695 million to be transferred from the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation instead of $1.3 billion.

How will it affect local businesses and residents?

Eagle River High School has a Region IV tennis team, but does not have its own court to play on. When it’s time for practice, students pile into a bus and head over to the Begich Middle School in Anchorage. The team also plays at Chugiak, Bartlett, Dimond, West Anchorage, every school in the district, except at Eagle River High.