"Ordinary time"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 20:00

Soon we will enter into ordinary time on the Church calendar. It is my favorite time of year. We recently lived through many great feast days, Thanksgiving, with all the great food, and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception to remind us who it was that said Yes to God, Our Lady of Guadalupe and the wonderful story of Juan Diego, and then Christmas with decorations and presents and more food and family and finale New Years with fireworks.

It is difficult to concentrate on developing a spiritual life with all the distractions. We all need those special days but we actually live the majority of our lives in ordinary time. Jesus lived an ordinary life for thirty years before he began his public ministry, and even when He did his first miracle at the wedding at Cana, He asked the ordinary servants to help. “Fill the jars with water” He told them. I often think what He really said was, “fill the jars with ordinary water.” So it was these ordinary servants who did the work that set ordinary things in place so that Jesus could do a miracle. We have to remember that we too must do the ordinary things so that Jesus can perform the miracles that enrich our lives. If Jesus were here today, He would be found doing the ordinary things of life. He would shovel the snow, empty the trash, and volunteer at the senior center.

Some of the greatest saints lead the most ordinary life. St. Catherine of Sienna took care of the cows for years. There are dozens of books carefully preserved with her handwriting, showing the records of all the cows she took care of showing how much milk each cow produced. St. Faustina worked in the vegetable garden and answered the door or in the kitchen peeling potatoes. Yes they both had moments of great splendor, but the majority of their life was spent doing the ordinary. So it is in the ordinary time we develop our relationship with God. It is in the ordinary work that He communicates with us. And it is in ordinary people we see His face, hear His voice.

So I am glad to go back to ordinary time.

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