More than just a coffee shop

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 20:00

Although the Chugiak Coffee Shop continued to be a common meeting place for the town’s civic organizations, the shop’s owners, Cloyce and Justine Parks, soon saw the need for a grocery and service station. The Palmer Highway (now the Old Glenn) was the only connecting road between Anchorage, Palmer and all points north. So they added a small grocery, a candy store and a service station to their complex that became known locally as Parksville.

A little 4-by-6-inch, four-page brochure they had printed is in the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society’s archives. The brochure contains the following information about each of their businesses:



Is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

A full line of groceries with many food items priced lower than in the city.

General stock of country store merchandise — Hallmark cards — notions — Kitchenware, electric supplies, etc.

PICNIC NEEDS — Have you forgotten to bring paper plates, spoons, cups?

FISHING SUPPLIES — Did you bring the right size hooks? Got the kind of bait you need?



Will service your car while you eat

Gasoline at Parks is only thirty cents. Twenty gallons or more rates a further reduction, and if you are a hundred-gallon customer, you get a special trucker’s discount. Note number of big trucks stop here…and the cars that bring extra cans to be filled.

Oil Changing—Greasing—Tire repairing in quick order.

New Tires—Batteries—Spark Plugs—At the regular “name brand” prices you would pay in the city.

White gas for your camp stove. Kerosine and Stove Oil. Tow Trucks at your Service — Light or heavy duty.



We are proud of our Alaskan made candies. They are made from the finest ingredients imported from all over the world here to our own kitchen in Chugiak. Deliciously flavored and perfectly blended to selected recipes by Nora Collette, they are the finest money can buy.

Select your own favorite varieties and see them packed. There are plain boxes from half pound sizes up…Or you may want a fancy box full of nuts and candies with beautiful ribbons and bows. Order one made up while you are eating.

Take her a box of “Chugiak” — a most acceptable gift.

*Pronounced Choo-ghee-ack


This column is provided by the Chugiak-Eagle River Historical Society.

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