Colorado reader enjoys engineering story

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 10:00

 I live in Black Forest, Colorado and received my copy of the Alaska Star yesterday (via my daughter, an OT in the ASD). I was so pleased to read the article that Matt Tunseth wrote (“Engineering the Future,” Jan. 26). The front page photo that Matt took of Rebekah Zelenkov really captures the expression that every teacher loves to see when the light flashes. It is so very important that young women get through the “play dumb” years without losing continuity in their education. I coached chess for many years after retirement (K-12), and saw many talented girls just quit playing as the "play dumb" years approached. My wife (a PhD), a product of girls-only schools through her BA degree, claims she would have been intimidated by boys dominating the math and science classes during the middle and high school years.

My background is in mathematics — Stanford BS and the Univ. of Michigan MS with a career in think tanks and space programs. Just as you brought in the MIT students who imparted their enthusiasm for engineering to your students, it is important that your students (particularly girl students), receive the very best instruction in mathematics. Mathematics is not dull — only some math teachers are dull.
So once again — Great job!

~Ron Arms
Black Forest, Colo.

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