Birchwood Road talk

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 20:00

Crushed gravel resurfacing by mid-September was promised for the Birchwood Road at a meeting of the Birchwood Community Club, held last Monday night at the home of Lester Juhnke.

Representing the Department of Highways at this meeting was Mr. Claude Rogers, District maintenance Supervisor and Jack Morrow, Anchorage Maintenance Station foreman.

Rogers told the more than 50 local residents gathered there that this was the earliest possible date that the re-surfacing could begin, since Campbell Creek Road, with a daily traffic load of over 9,500 cars per day had higher priority. A recent traffic count had indicated the daily load on the Birchwood Road to be 655 cars.

Rogers also said that while he could not promise heavy equipment for the improvement of the road, an attempt would be made to widen the road where ever possible with a blade, and also a attempt made to straighten some of the more dangerous curves.

He also promised improved maintenance of the road this winter.

A letter to Charles Richner, president of the Birchwood Community Club, from the Commissioner of Highways stated that the Birchwood Road was scheduled for hard surfacing by 1970.

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