ER locals to march in Inaugural Parade

Monday, January 21, 2013 - 05:36
Festivities to be aired on TV Jan. 21
Technical Sgt. Brian Stiles, of Eagle River, is participating in the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade on Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C. Stiles is a trumpeter in the U.S. Air Force Band.

On Jan. 21, two Eagle River locals will travel down Pennsylvania Avenue between the U.S. Capitol and White House as part of the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade.

Bennett Hoback and Technical Sgt. Brian Stiles will be among those participating in the event in Washington, D.C.

Hoback, 17, will be riding with the Culver Military Academy Black Horse Troop. The 59-member boys unit will be joined by 24 of Culver’s Girls Academy Equestriennes.

Hoback, who attended Gruening Middle School, said he’s looking forward to his first trip to Washington, D.C.

“This is pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he said.

The parade marks the 100th anniversary of the Black Horse Troop’s first trip down Pennsylvania Avenue. The unit served as Vice President Thomas Marshall’s official escort during Woodrow Wilson’s Inaugural Parades in 1913 and 1917, according to Culver.

Being part of the school’s longstanding tradition will make the event that much more special, Hoback said.

“Almost every person in the troop looks forward to it,” he said.

It will be the 16th Inaugural Parade for the Black Horse Troop and seventh for the Equestriennes, according to a press release.

The countless hours of practice will be worth it once his troop is trotting down the streets of our nation’s capital, Hoback said.

“We put a lot of work and a lot of effort into it,” he said. “It will be pretty exciting.”

Stiles is a trumpeter with the Ceremonial Brass, the United States Air Force Band.

Before joining the Air Force in 2003, Stiles earned a music education degree from the University of Idaho in 1997, according to the Air Force. Three years later, he graduated from the Yale School of Music with a master’s degree in trumpet performance.

Stiles is now pursuing a doctorate in brass pedagogy from Indiana University.

Stiles has performed with Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, Yale Philharmonic, Yale Symphony Orchestra and the Indiana University Ensemble.

The Inaugural Parade will be televised. The two-hour event is set to begin at 10:30 a.m. AST.


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