32 years ago this week

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 19:00

Shopping for sunshine

Proctor’s Grocery was planning to make some shoppers’ winter a lot less dreary by giving away three trips for two to Spain.

According to page-and-a-half ad on Page 2 and 3, the Eagle River grocery store was celebrating its 12th anniversary with a “Spanish Fiesta.” The drawing for the tickets was scheduled to air live on the Channel 11 news.

And, as if folks didn’t have enough reason to hit the local grocery store, a half-gallon of Matanuska Maid ice cream (all flavors) was on sale for just $1.79, while fresh Sunkist oranges could be had for 29 cents a pound.


Sweet on fire protection

Residents of Eagle River South Fork were planning a Valentine’s Day party to help organize a volunteer fire department in the area.

Acting chief Bob Dean said the group’s initial goal was to “organize our neighbors so we can have the ability to provide quick response to area fires and other emergencies. In the long run, we hope to develop a fire department or outstation of some type that minimizes dependence on government and reinforces the valley’s tradition of self-reliance.”

Dean cited steep roads and the rapidly-growing nature of the predominately rural area as reasons a fire department was needed.

The party, which was to be held at the Ice Palace on Hiland Road, was set to include door prizes and live entertainment.

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